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Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Look Back at the Last of 2013

I haven't posted in quite a while.  Since the school year started its been pretty hectic.  Not in a bad way either.  It's just been busy.  One things for sure, I have my hands full.  The kids are growing so fast.  The boys are so energetic...there are some days I wonder how we have any men!  The boys are so adventurous and are constantly getting some sort of bump or scrape...it's a miracle they survive to adulthood.  H has gotten huge! Growing like a weed. A2 had his yearly heart check, and got the all clear for the next two years!  Doc said he's healthy and has no restrictions for now. The girls have certainly seen a lot of growth.  K will be nine in two weeks.  Can you believe that!  She had definately left behind the "little girl" years and seems to be maturing quickly.  She is quite the artist.  She has taken up tap dance and has picked it up quick.  We went to her first recital and she was amazing.  Her love of archery continues to grow as well.  She is mastering it very quickly.  S is quite the character.  She enjoys reading and picks most things up quickly.  She is in her second year of ballet and we are looking forward to her big performance this spring.  A1 is our little clown.  She finds humor in anything!  She is beginning to read as well and S loves to sit with her and teach her all the sounds and blends.  The girls will be ridding a lot more soon.  It's a bit icy now but as soon as spring gets here we will be investing more time into it.  School is going well, we are sticking to it...for the most part.  I love the flexibility of homeschool.

 For the last two month I have been a crocheting machine! I made my parents a granny square throw, and pot holders...lot's of pot holders for the family.  I have a VERY large extended family.  My Marine Dolls have become quite  a hit.  I get a lot of requests for the pattern, and they sell like hot cakes on Etsy...I had to close my shop early for the holiday season..I was getting to overwhelmed with orders on top of the gifts I was trying to make.

My own personal arsenal.

Baby blanket for our very good friends expecting their first.

I have inherited the family Thanksgiving.  I had a great time cooking and decorating!  We had 17 people in the house!  What a great day!

I turned 30! gasp! I know I'm soooooo old! (please note the sarcasm)  I certainly don't feel old.  As a matter of face I'd much rather be where I am at now than where I was ten years ago!

 Christmas was awesome! The kids got much of what they wanted.  We don't go to crazy, as Christmas, to us, is about Christ and family.  Hubby really spoiled me!  He bought me a designer purse.  I have NEVER owned a designer purse...I'm feeling kind of fancy. 

Hubby's big gift...a new hat...goes well with the winter beard!

Yes, that is  my son crawling around in his underpants....at least he had those on!
S got the real deal! Leather Cowgirl boots.

So here is a ton of pictures to some up that last few months!
School fair

S turned seven...this is her "Daddy Date"

This is one store...one trip....feeding a family of seven


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