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Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Yes, I know what you're saying..'wait, don't you homeschool?' Answer yes, but we also participate in a co-op, where the kids go to school for a full day once a week.  I love it!  They take up to five classes, the offerings are amazing.  From gymnastics to piano, computer labs, science classes, dance, horsemanship, etc.
 I digress....
The kids where so excited they couldn't go to sleep the night before.  Therefore, the next morning, we all had a  hard time getting on our way.
I woke the kids, shoveled food down them and tried to get some adorable pictures.  In a perfect world, it would have went smooth.  This is NOT a perfect world folks.
I was doing S's hair with about 20 min to get all five of us loaded and on the road, I still hadn't taken pictures, I was feeling a bit frantic.  I happened to see a streak of grey fly past my window.  Some how our husky got off his run and was streaking towards the chicken coop, or the horse.  He enjoys harassing both.  I ran outside to call for him and place him back on the run.  In that 3 minute window all hell broke lose!
Look at that pout! All kids have the same exact pout!  It's a family signature!
I came back in to find cereal all over the floor, A1's hair a disaster...she decided to try to do it herself while I was outside and the cherry on top....A2 had found my liquid blush.  He managed to paint one whole half himself.
Now normally I would have waited to get home to clean him up...but today...I had to spend the WHOLE day at the co-op to make sure the girls found their classes.
Somehow, amid the chaos I managed to get some pictures in.  We made it up to the co-op with even five minutes to spare! Wooh! We wont discuss my driving that day.
My three girls S, A1, and K.  A1 wore that crown ALL day!
We made it through most of the day without much of a hiccup, until we found.....the worm.
I had taken the A team outside to play because they had been cooped up in the "mom room" most of the day.  I saw this massive worm crawling around the grass so I called them over to look.  You'd have thought it was two birds fighting over a worm.  Another toddler took notice; picture this, keep away...with a worm! Yep!  All you worm lovers....look away...there wasn't much left.
Depsite all that the day went well, the girls love their classes, and we all made it home in one piece.



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