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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Battle of the Coffee Creamer!

A boy and his Creamer..
Do any of you have a two year old....not just any two year old...a wild two year old boy.  A two year old boy who tests, pushes, and explodes every boundary?  Whose stubbornness rivals that of a mule? I do.  He's adventurous, fearless, and just down right crazy sometimes.  I love my son, there is no question about that! I love him passionately, maybe its that passion he has inherited from me.  I look at my husband, so laid back and easy going, and I think....how in the world did ALL our kids get my energy? Ack! Lately, A2 has taken to sneaking into the fridge.  His item of choice? Coffee Creamer.
Every morning, before I go out to milk the goat, I make a pot of coffee.  There's something magical about coming in, from the cold or wet and sitting down with a mug of coffee.  What's not so magical....opening the fridge to retrieve my creamer and its not there!  It has disappeared! One time I didn't find it for two days!  A2, with the stealth of a thousand ninjas, opens the fridge, climbs to the top, snags the creamer and makes off with his bounty.  He hides in his closet and takes nips off it through out the day...it's like an addiction...he goes and gets his fix and he's set for a few hours.  I open the fridge, see it missing and immediately go to him...."A2, where is my creamer!?"  He gets this look on his face.... remorse you say? Nope, a mischievous all knowing look, borderline....like what do I get out of this exchange....."Your LIFE!" I think. He usually brings it out to me, big tearful eyes, lip hanging to the floor.
And, heaven forbid I leave my coffee sitting out...That's like a blaring beacon of awesomeness! He will run off with my coffee....with giggles of joy. 
I love this boy of mine....Solution....I put some vinegar in an empty bottle....now we wait.  One nip off that problem solved.


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