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Friday, August 30, 2013

We have Kittens!

This is Bangle, we adopted her a month and a half ago.  I was definitely not in the market for a cat.  We already have Zippy and Lucky.  Zippy was a moment of weakness, kids giving away kittens outside my kids Co-Op.  Lucky I inherited from my parents.  We were outside playing when my neighbor pulled in our driveway.  The teenager got out and came to me, "I have something to show you."  We walked over to their van and he opened the door to reveal this scrawny cat sitting on the seat.  He (the teenager) had big crocodile tears in his eyes, "I can't keep her, we have to many pets.  I found her behind a dumpster.  Can you keep her?"
At this point, the kids hadn't came out yet, it was my one window to say no.  I was going to, but looking at his face...I faltered for just a second, and made the mistake of picking her up. Busted! My kids spotted me with her with their eagles eyes.  They came running out..."Mommy can we keep her, can we keep her ..pleeeeeaaaaase." "You can't say no Mommy, what'll happen to her?" Insert deep sigh here.  Stuck between my teenage neighbor with a big heart, and my kids I caved.  So I said, "Fine, but she can't come in the house, she can live in the barn with Lucky."
K named this one "Vanilla Bean."
That lasted about oh, two hours.  She got into the house when Zippy came in, and met Hubby.  It was love at first pet.  So, now we have this cat, and she starts getting fatter and fatter.  At first I thought she had just be emaciated and was putting weight on.  When she became ROUND I knew.  I told Hubby, "Well, it looks like we'll be having babies soon."  He took that as "Your pregnant?!?" "No Honey, the cat, she's pregnant."
She was restless yesterday, poking her head into all the dark corners of the house.  The kids found her under K's bed this morning.  I have since moved them to a comfy box in the laundry room...with a lock on the door to keep A2 out.  So now we have four new additions to the farm...We wont be keeping them though.  Maybe I take them to the Co-Op where another sucker, (like myself) will fall victim to their kids big round eyes and pleas for a cute little kitten.


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