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Monday, August 13, 2012

Heart Headband/ Earwarmer Crochet Pattern

This is  my first attempt, ever, at writing my own pattern.  Please be patient and bare with me. My Sister in-law often sends me pictures of adorable crochet items.  To me that's like a challenge.  Especially if I happen to really like it! It's like, BOOM Challenge excepted! The most recent was of this gorgeous model wearing a head wrap/ ear warmer with an adorable pink heart in the middle.  I have never tried to add a shape into something, so I began my 'how to' hunt.  Didn't find a darn thing!  I found plenty of 'how to make a heart' patterns, but not how to incorporate it into your pattern.  So here it is folks, how to!

You'll be crocheting this length-wise.
You'll need at least two colors.  I used 3 and they will be referred to as:
Color A- White
Color B- Pink...the X in the grid pattern represents color B.  Each X is one stitch.
Color C- Heather
I used Caron Simply Soft (Except the pink.  It was some random yarn I had laying around)

Chain 71 in color A
Row 1: SC down your chain, ch1 turn (70 stitches)
Row 2: SC 40, pick up color B (the X in the pattern) and SC2, drop B pick up A sc2, drop A pick up B sc2, drop B and pick A back up, finish the row, ch1 and turn.
Row 3-10 follow the grid above, SC across the row in A and pick up B when called for in Grid,
**remember to carry the opposite color along the back of the heart on the wrong side so you don't have loose yarn all across the back of your band (do not carry  B all the way across band, just the heart)
Row 11: SC70 in A fasten off, leaving an extra long tail to sew band together.
Fold in half, with right side facing in, with long tail, sew ends together to complete the band.
With Color C slip stitch at seam, ch1, SC all the way around. Slip stitch to first sc, ch1 turn
sc around again. Slip stitch to top of first crochet, fasten off, weave in ends, and move to other side....repeat.

I hope I made this as simple as possible, feel free to ask questions.  I'll try to answer them as best as I can.  And I'll get a picture up of someone adorable wearing this...so you get a better idea what it looks like.

Oh yes...feel free to use this pattern as you wish! Its free....make it, sell it....I honestly don't care
Crystal......Knot in Chains


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