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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is it TEAL much? A bold color to brighten up the dinning room

My father works for a rental company in a college town.  If you ever want to score a ton of free furniture, go to one of these companies at the end of the school year and find out if they need someone to clean out rentals for them.....trust me....OH the treasures you find! It's amazing what these college students leave behind!   That is where I got my dinning table, among many other things....but I warn you....not only do they leave furniture behind....they leave a mess....a horrid, filthy, mess.....Just don't tell me I didn't warn you....

I digress.....

Here is my dinning room...notice anything out of place?
Look closer......

Figure it out yet?  The chair...every time I walk past them they scream at me....reminding me: "Hey Crystal....Finish us! Finish us!"  My table and benches also used to be this color.
Then one night, in a fit of pent up frustration (and a little rage....we where in the throws of closing on our home and had been given another hoop to jump through)....I busted out my sander and went to town on the table and benches.....Husband, unable to stand idly by, soon jumped right in (I think it was quality control).  We sanded and stained all night.  But these two chairs, I just simply did not get to them....

So here we are eight months later and a new home.  The time has come!  Have I told you that my favorite color is teal!  It happens to be the accent color for the house....

So I decided to make a bold move and paint our chairs TEAL! Husband wasn't to thrilled with my color choice but he allowed me to move forward.  (I love this man)

I went to our local Ace Hardware and bought a sample size can of paint, they mixed it up for me.  As you know I am all about being frugal and the paint and brush cost me a whole $5.00.  Considering I got this table for free some 6 years ago, I can't complain.

I plopped down in the grass with my two chairs, fresh can of paint, and gaggle of kids gathered around to watch and painted away.  At first I thought, "hmmmmm, just the seat..." which turned into the back and finally, to heck with it the whole darn thing.  So here it is folks? To bold?  I don't think so but that's the thing about opinions......everyone's got one!

Moral of the story?

Be Bold....and live close to a college town for awesome freebies you can re-do!

Note: I know the walls are pretty bland.....I'm getting there...sooner or later


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